About this GitBook

An iterative document on the CENTRINNO Framework, updated during the project's life

CENTRINNO is a research project that aims at demonstrating how industrial historic sites could adopt innovative, sustainable and inclusive urban transformation processes. The CENTRINNO Framework attempts at creating a common language for all the project partners to understand each other and share our findings with a wider research audience, being able to explain what, why and how things are done in CENTRINNO.

This GitBook is a living document where the different pieces of the project come together, building on the fly this common language and reporting and sharing it during the project's life. This document target audience are CENTRINNO pilot cities and project partners, but also policymakers, local governments, or researchers who are interested in following and applying the CENTRINNO approach, methods, and tools in other cities.

Based on Fab City's approach towards resilient and productive cities and regions, CENTRINNO supports experimentation in nine European cities to transform historic industrial sites into productive and creative hubs. The project started in September 2020 and last until February 2024. This present gitbook has been updated and iterated, based on CENTRINNO's experience.

The Gitbook has five parts:

pageCENTRINNO Project

A quick introduction to the CENTRINNO project, its vision, its approach and the connection with Fab City.

pageCENTRINNO Framework

This is the main contribution of this Gitbook to the project and to other cities that want to experiment with the Fab City's approach. It includes (1) a description of the Innovation Framework, in which you can learn how to apply tools to support a sustainable, productive and inclusive urban transformation, (2) a chapter dedicated to explain the Fab City Hub concept, including links to the Fab City Hub Toolkit for cities to implement their own creative and productive hub, (3) an introduction to the Impact Assessment Framework used in CENTRINNO, (4) a brief description of the CENTRINNO Platforms, developed during the project's life to support pilot cities in their journey.

pageCENTRINNO Handbook

The Handbook entitled "Regenerative Neighbourhoods in the Making" was designed at the end of the project to present the CENTRINNO Framework and its main lessons learnt. In this book, we want to bring readers into the intimacy of the design research processes that the partners experienced during the project. Instead of digging into the narratives of each pilot individually, for details of which we encourage readers to look through other project resources such as the CENTRINNO Blueprints, we conversely chose to consider the project through the lens of the project’s key concepts. Five chapters will depict the practices developed for each concept from Circular Economy, Heritage, Innovation Spaces, Social Innovation and Learning Ecosystems.

pagePolicy recommendations

Partners worked on policy recommendations that they shared in two main reports presented in the section.


This Gitbook also includes a glossary and a bibliography with all references and authors that helped and inspired us to construct the CENTRINNO Framework.

Disclaimer: This is a project working document, owned by IAAC (Fab Lab Barcelona), one of the CENTRINNO partners. This GitBook is open for public consultation during the project's life, while its content is updated and adjusted according to the work developed. The European Commission is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.The information in this document has been used to develop the CENTRINNO Handbook.

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