The project's experimentation framework, including the analysis of tools and methods

The CENTRINNO Framework is an overarching common structure for experimentation that enables sharing, exchanging and discussing the project's findings on the urban regeneration of historic industrial areas and the development of Fab City Hubs. It is more a living dictionary than an instructions manual. Its two main ingredients are a common research structure (The Framework) based on the CENTRINNO approach, and a series of resources developed in the project that operationalise the framework. Even though CENTRINNO will experiment with a great variety of tools, methods or platforms, this section describes the key resources developed in the project, including the Fab City Hub Toolkit, the CENTRINNO Platforms, and the Impact Assessment methodology. This section finally includes the initial collection of tools used at the beginning of the project. These tools were the departing point of the project's experimentation, being later updated and transformed in specific CENTRINNO tools and included in the Fab City Hub Toolkit.

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