Fab City Hub Toolkit

to support the emergence and implementation of Fab City Hubs

The FCH Toolkit aims to become one of the key elements of the CENTRINNO's legacy to allow the network of FCHs to grow and expand beyond the 9 Pilot cities, with new Hubs in Europe and all over the world. The first version (alpha) of the FCH Toolkit was included in the project's official deliverable 3.2. Two more releases (beta and final) will be developed during the project, but you may find the latest update of the FCH Toolkit in the online gitbook developed by Volumes:

The FCH toolkit is a hands-on and living manual for hub managers, local communities, or institutions that want to set up their own Fab City Hub and open a new space to foster local resilience in urban regeneration processes through cross-sectorial and cross-stakeholder collaboration on productive practices. It includes different resources, from the FCH ten principles, to hands-on tools and methods tested and ready to be implemented in your local hub. The FCH Toolkit scope's lays within the CENTRINNO approach, but it is a resource that will be later iterated and shared within the Fab City Global Initiative.

The FCH Toolkit includes key information about:

  • The context where the FCH toolkit was originated and its expected impacts.

  • What is a Fab City Hub, including key terms, the ten FCH principles, and the FAQ.

  • The FCH Toolkit approach and its iterative development

  • How to set up a Fab City Hub in your city, both if you start from scratch, or you want to tackle one single challenge already identified locally.

The Fab City Hub Toolkit operates as a platform where you can navigate and explore different types of content. It is non-linear, which means there are many different ways of reading it and using it to implement your local hub. Do you want to have a look?

The FAB CITY HUBS Toolkit BLUEPRINT is available here :

A dedicated chapter in the CENTRINNO Handbook has been dedicated to Innovation Spaces and Fab City Hubs.

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