The book ‘Regenerative neighbourhoods in the making’ retraces the practices of neighbourhood regeneration through design during the three and half years of the CENTRINNO project, co-funded by the European Union. It aims to make accessible the project’s methodology and to supports territorial change-makers, from policy agents and urban planners, to designers and citizens. The book gives to the reader a way to be more familiar with the topic of neighbourhood regeneration while at the same time being more equipped to develop local interventions to transform old industrial sites into locally productive hubs. It questions, opens, illustrates, and culturally embeds emerging practices of collective production in urban spaces as a plausible alternative to reconstruct the relationship between humans and natural resources at the hyper-local, regional and planetary scales.

Regenerative neighbourhoods in the making, is a publication developed as a part of the CENTRINNO project.

Written, edited, and advised in a collaborative process led by Fab Lab Barcelona, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona, 2024 in collaboration with CENTRINNO partners.


Marion Real and Milena Juarez (Fab Lab Barcelona - IAAC), Tomas Diez (Fab City Foundation), Frenzi Ritter (METABOLIC), Jonathan Even-Zohar and Hester Dibbits (AHK), Carlotta Fontana Valenti and Francesco Cingolani (Volumes), Cristina Olivotto and Carolina Becker (Onl’fait), Alexandros Pazaitis (TalTech)

Proof-reading and revisions Rebecca Anne Peters (Fab Lab Barcelona - IAAC)

Reviewers: Pietro Lupo Verga, Flavio Besana (Comune di Milano), Carolina Becker and Cristina Olivotto (Onl’fait)

Visual design Manuela Reyes and Guenda Dalcin (Fab Lab Barcelona - IAAC)

Editorial design Aina Eguiluz (Studio Gaecea)

Contributions A big thanks to all the contributors and CENTRINNO partners:

Design Society - DDC, Departament D'educació - Generalitat De Catalunya, Fab Lab Barcelona/ Institut D'arquitectura Avançada De Catalunya, Fab City Grand Paris, Fablab Zagreb, Haskoli Islands - HI, Kobenhavns Kommune, Manifattura Digitale In Ex Ansaldo Rete Di Imprese, Poblenou Urban District, Sony Europe, Stichting Hout- En Meubileringscollege - HMC, Stichting Pakhuis De Zwijger, Sveuciliste U Zagrebu Arhitektonski Fakultet - UOZ, Textilmiostoo Islands Og Pekkingarsetur A Blonduosi - ITC

Information, comments, and discussions: www.centrinno.eu

To be cited as Real, Marion, Calvo Juarez Milena, Diez Tomas, Ritter Frenzi, Even-Zohar Jonathan, Dibbits Hester, Fontana Valenti Carlotta, Cingolani Francesco, Olivotto Cristina, Pazaitis Alexandros. Regenerative neighbourhoods in the making. Centrinno Handbook. Fab Lab Barcelona, IAAC, 2024. ISBN: 978-84-120886-5-6 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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