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Next steps of this GitBook

What's will happen from now until February 2024?
The CENTRINNO Framework was officially delivered in September 2021 to the European Commission, more than one year after the project started. Its content is based on the initial experience of pilot cities, their initial plans, and the discussions and workshops at the project's core during the initial months. Most of the resources included and analyzed in that first iteration haven't yet been tested by CENTRINNO's pilot cities and networks. Some of the project's platforms were not yet fully developed.
During the project's life, especially after the summer of 2022 and the summer of 2023, the information of this Gitbook is being updated and iterated based on the experimentations tested in the nine CENTRINNO cities.
This is the third iteration of the CENTRINNO Framework. You may have a look at the first one in the Deliverable 1.2 of the project, and you may download a PDF of the second iteration here.
The major updates will be communicated via the CENTRINNO website. If you want to take part in the discussion, stay tuned and follow the project's channels on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or youtube!