Fostering a socially inclusive and commoning approach in cities activities

The Network supports the development of interconnected socially inclusive communities. It has two different scales where interactions take place: The local hubs' networks where different actors will collaborate to tackle urban challenges, and the global knowledge-exchange network across the nine CENTRINNO cities and beyond.

The two main objectives of the CENTRINNO Network are fostering a socially inclusive approach in pilot cities activities and supporting a "commoning" approach to pilot cities management of resources. The CENTRINNO Network will have different characteristics in each pilot city based on the activities, events, digital exchange systems, or decision-making spaces that are more suited to its local context. Nevertheless, the CENTRINNO Network development will focus in four dimensions:

  1. Adopting an inclusive governance model to make decisions at pilot city level and in the FCHs

  2. Developing or adopting tools to manage interactions between the local hub network and other actors

  3. Reflecting upon activities and networking events with a socially inclusive lens to find gaps, engage missing actors, or explore new spaces to disseminate the pilot’s findings

  4. Devising innovative ways to collaborate with other actors in and across Fab City Hubs

Local hubs' networks

CENTRINNO pilot cities focus on the local scale to explore inclusive governance models and implement tools to manage interactions between the local hub network and other actors. This work is supported by our partner IAAC-FLB, who fosters the discussion at each pilot city around five key governance aspects:

  • Polycentric & collaborative frameworks

  • Decision making processes

  • Public participation

  • Conflict resolution

  • Glocal interactions

Adopting an inclusive governance model in FCHs is a key step towards any hub implementation strategy. To support this, the CENTRINNO Network doesn't use a specific platform or resource to support pilot cities on building their socially inclusive communities. Nevertheless, all tools, approaches and frameworks developed for the CENTRINNO School are included in the Fab City Hub Toolkit, under the step "get my governance right".

A global knowledge-exchange network

The implementation of the CENTRINNO Network relies heavily on the exchanges and interactions across cities. These bottom-up learning process is achieved by reflecting upon ongoing activities, engaging missing actors, or exploring new spaces to disseminate the pilot cities' findings. It also enables innovative ways to collaborate with other actors in and across Fab City Hubs.

CENTRINNO leverages on the existing infrastructure of Fab City, managing its own experimentation space for CENTRINNO FCHs to work in a small group within the network of 41 exiting Fab Cities.

The Network uses the CENTRINNO Slack channel as a global exchange platform. This platform lays within the Fab City slack channel and is moderated by our partners at Volumes together with the Fab City Foundation. This exchange platform is a place for instant communication, collaboration and mutual learning among CENTRINNO community, especially between the nine Fab City Hubs developed during the project's life.

Online exchanges in this platform facilitate CENTRINNO community to feel part of a global movement. The glocal character of the productive and creative hubs is based on a constant connection between the local territory and global economic and cultural dynamics that allow knowledge to travel between different locations. Being part of the larger Fab City community grants the CENTRINNO pilot cities a wider access to people, material and immaterial resources.

The conversation at the CENTRINNO exchange platform takes place in three channels:

  • The centrinno_library offers a selection of quality content that is extremely useful for pilots. This means that this channel does not promote debates, but essentially only functions as a selection of content published on a regular weekly basis with a tag system to facilitate navigation and searches on specific topics.

  • The centrinno_forum provide a space to gather and discuss topics of interest to pilots and the Centrinno community. This channel works as a debate space to exchange ideas and points of view.

  • The centrinno_bar was created with the aim of creating a social meeting point for the Centrinno community. In this channel we promote the free exchange of all kinds of information between all contributors.

To join the network, click here!

Within the Framework, the CENTRINNO Network is a key platform both to enable a reflection on socially inclusive networks locally and to experiment knowledge exchange with a large community that connects local and global scales, connected to all key concepts of the CENTRINNO approach. This platform is also relevant to map potential stakeholder and collaborators gaps, as well to discuss about the configuration of the different groups that are involved in the FCH's activities.

The Network blueprint is available here:

A dedicated chapter in the CENTRINNO Handbook has been dedicated to Social Inclusion and Networks.

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