Trying to avoid confusion and misinterpretation of words!
Throughout this GitBook, several terms and concepts are used to refer to different elements of the CENTRINNO Framework, such as 'method', 'tool', or 'activity'. For the sake of clarity and to avoid misunderstandings and overlaps between them, this section includes a definition for each of the main terms used. They are divided into two categories: Experimentation and Resources.
Every action taking place within the project is considered experimentation. These are directly or indirectly aiming at demonstrating ways to foster an innovative urban development process in historic industrial areas under the project’s approach. In this section, different types of actions are organized, from the most specific (session) to the broadest (action plan).
Resources include any external tool, method or framework, as well as specific assets developed and used during the project by the partners involved. We refer to methods, platforms, toolkits or tools, among others. Some examples of external resources used in the project are Material Flow Analysis, Make Works, or Open Schooling. Examples of specific assets developed in the project are: the CENTRINNO Living Archive, the Fab City Hub toolkit, or the Urban Ecosystem Mapping Guidebook.