CENTRINNO approach

Heritage, Circular Economy, Social Inclusion, Education and Innovation Spaces

CENTRINNO is based on conceptual background of Fab City. Nevertheless, it develops a specific approach for post-industrial sites, based on the five CENTRINNO key concepts: Heritage, Circular Economy, Social Inclusion, Vocational Training, and Innovation Spaces. Stemming from the project’s vision for industrial historic areas, they are the conceptual foundation of all experimentation developed in CENTRINNO.

Heritage responds to the need of taking into account the material and immaterial past of industrial historic areas, in order to reflect about the present and discuss what we want for their future.

Circular economy: new productive activity in productive areas needs to consider alternative and circular resource flows that move away from the dominating consumption patterns, based on extraction and depletion of resources, pollution and generation of waste on a massive scale.

Social inclusion: current transformation processes in historic industrial areas, often in central or strategic metropolitan locations, usually increase land value and bring new land uses, producing drastic changes in the physical and social fabric of the city. Urban transformation process in CENTRINNO should consider existing population in decision-making processes, as well as foster social inclusion of disadvantaged or vulnerable groups.

Learning Ecosystems: the new economy at the core of the sustainable and inclusive transformation of historic industrial areas will need new professionals and jobs. Programs at the intersection of hands-on and theory, as well as open and accessible knowledge, play a key role in training this new working force, connecting tangible urban issues with local organizations and companies.

Innovation Spaces: physical and hybrid spaces in which innovative productive activities are experimented from the bottom-up, based on the collaboration between different stakeholders and a democratic access to technology and knowledge. CENTRINNO is based on situated and contextualised action by new constellations of stakeholders, productive activities, economy, and urban space.

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