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Make Works

An online platform to create and map local communities around manufacturing
Establish local communities around making
Facilitator | Participants
2-6 managers per region | unlimited users
CENTRINNO key concepts
Social Inclusion, Circular Economy
Online & Offline
developing a community, market, community, manufacturing
Make Works is an online platform to establish local communities of practice around making, fostering collaboration and interaction between manufacturing spaces, makers and designers to sustain local economies and support communities. The platform provides also an opportunity for the local community to share with the local and global online community their own narrative around manufacturing, as well as their ongoing activities and resources.
Information about manufacturers or working spaces is displayed on the website, including details about their processes and products, pictures, contact information, prices, etc. This information can be collected through different means, including surveys, visits to their working space, interviews, or manufacturers themselves may fill it in on their own. Manufacturers and working spaces are grouped in regions, showcasing the productive potential of specific areas.
Liken, manufacturers at Make Works Catalonia. Source: Make Works
The platform is used by and for a local community around manufacturing, which could be part to the CENTRINNO Network and connected to other project aspects, such as mapping the local productive ecosystem, or fostering manufacturing and productive activities in a Fab City Hub. The narrative and information uploaded to the framework could have direct connections with the heritage of making or the management of resources in manufacturing activities and circular economy. There are several CENTRINNO Make Works regions that are creating their own local communities around manufacturing: