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Every action taking place within the project
Step: It is the smallest action of pilot cities experimentation. A step is always part of a broader process in which other steps are taken. Examples of steps are a session within a workshop (e.g., warm-up session, brainstorming session, etc.), a presentation in a webinar, or a survey taken for a mapping process.
Activity: One stand-alone action carried out by a pilot city or any other project partner during a defined span of time. As mentioned above, all activities developed in CENTRINNO are considered experimentation activities. One activity may contain different steps, all together providing one or more activity outcomes. Examples of activities are a conference, a round-table, a co-creation workshop, a webinar, or a training program, among others.
Micro mission: A commitment to address a specific challenge which is framed under pilot cities specific objectives and CENTRINNO’s general goal. A micro mission involves one or several activities and may involve different stakeholders. The concept of micro mission is based on the EU R&I mission-oriented approach. Examples of micro missions are: developing a community of practice around one topic, mapping the potential food-waste resources available in a neighbourhood, or activating a physical space to carry out community activities, among others.
Sprint: A cycle of experimentation activities carried out by pilot cities. In CENTRINNO, there are three sprints, each of them lasting seven months and followed by a low-activity period. A sprint may involve several micro missions.
Action Plan: A concrete roadmap for achieving a pilot city's objective. In the case of CENTRINNO, an action plan will bear in mind the project’s sprint structure in order to define activities, each connected to specific micro missions. Each pilot city will define its own strategy to set its direction and vision in alignment with the CENTRINNO approach. All pilot cities action plans together aim at achieving the overarching goal of the project and demonstrate ways to foster an innovative urban regeneration process in historic industrial areas.
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